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What’s Happening in the Genesis Community

Lots of cool things are happening as we truly enter 2022. Let’s get right into it!

New Year, New WordPress

The latest version of WordPress just dropped, version 5.9:

5.9, ‘Joséphine’. Named in honor of acclaimed international jazz singer Joséphine Baker, this latest, most versatile WordPress release is here: download it or update it directly from your dashboard. 

This is the release we have been waiting for as it brings about the capability for Full Site Editing and Block Themes.

Find out more at the official announcement, and look out for more on these features from us soon.

Flash Hosting Sale! For all your 5.9 Needs.

In honor of the long-awaited 5.9 WordPress release, WP Engine is running a flash WordPress hosting sale for the end of January! 

Get 3-months free on annual shared or growth hosting plans. 

Just enter bigjan2022 at checkout.

And, don’t worry, these aren’t just for hosting 5.9 sites 😊  Get three months free towards all shared and growth hosting plans, including eCommerce. 

Frost Theme from Brian Gardner

Speaking of Full Site Editing, Brian is back at WP Engine, leading the WordPress developer relations team. Their goal is simple: ​​Accelerate innovation in WordPress and help the community transition to the block editor and Full Site Editing. Part of that strategy was adding Frost to the WP Engine suite of tools, where it is now freely distributed and focused on Full Site Editing.

Get all the details at

More Third-Party Themes Added!

A great collection of new themes have dropped into the Theme Store from BrandID, OsomPress, Anchored Design and Appfinite. Make sure you click through and check out the demos to get a proper feel for how they work in action.

Coaching Pro from BrandID:

Whether you’re coaching or consulting with athletes or executives, you guide people to make strategic decisions that help them be their best selves. That’s exactly what this theme does, too! It empowers you to showcase all you have to offer clients, and it’s approachable, authoritative and appealing—just like you.

Karma from OsomPress:

Karma is a Genesis child theme thought for e-commerce sites with Easy Digital Downloads custom styles. It’s a clean, fast, and customizable theme for WordPress and Genesis Framework.

Virtual Assistant from Anchored Design

Ready to launch your Virtual Assistant business in style? Use this single page theme featuring the 6 key elements you need to sell your services. Plus, it’s a one click install making it easy to launch quickly.

Oasis from Appfinite:

Oasis is the Theme you’ve been waiting for! With the Block Editor and the Oasis Collections Plugin, you now have the ability to Create a Professionally Designed Site with No Coding/Experience necessary. Simply Point, Click, and add whatever you need to your site. The future of Design is here.

Local 6.2.1

Your favourite local WordPress development tool just got updated to 6.2.1. Remember, Local runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Download the latest version of Local here: 

Once downloaded, you can follow the installation instructions here and get help in the Local Community.

Updated Lightning Services in Local 6.2.1 

In the 6.2.0 release, we added PHP 7.4.1 as the default in Local’s Preferred environments. Other versions are still available in Custom environments when you create a site. Note: If you get “Lightning Services Missing” message after updating, this is because the default PHP version has been updated so that it meets WordPress’ recommended version. Check if you can see an Apply button next to the PHP version in the sites window; hitting apply will download the missing service so you can continue.