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New Responsive Controls in Genesis Blocks

You now have more fine-tuned control over how your websites behave on different screen sizes with Genesis Blocks.

With the v1.3 release, we’ve introduced new responsive style controls that let you adjust font-size and line-height according to whether your website is being viewed on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. The coolest thing here is that this level of control isn’t just for Genesis blocks, but also for the WordPress core Paragraph and Heading blocks.

Let’s have a look here as I add a Heading block to a page and adjust the font size across those 3 different screen sizes.

If site building and content creation is your thing, you can immediately see the value of this! Global styling for variation of screen sizes in our theme CSS covers a lot of what we need in the world of modern web design and dev, but sometimes we just need component level control! And this is what this latest update begins to provide within the native block editor experience.

Let’s have another look here at a using these responsive controls in a hero section from the Slate Collection:

Download the latest update of Genesis Blocks and take it for a spin. The work here takes Genesis even further in being a powerhouse foundation for building incredible websites the modern WordPress way.