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Learn How to Build a Custom Theme (with No Coding Required)

Builder Basics: Let’s Build a Custom Theme (No Coding Required)

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was just released, and with it came many enhancements to the Full Site Editing Features. One of the most exciting is the ability to export a complete custom theme.

In this online presentation, Nick Diego is going to show you how close we are to low-code/no-code theme development in WordPress!

Nick Diego

Join Nick as he takes the Twenty Twenty-Two theme and fully customizes it with changes to the theme color palette, layout, and more. You will then learn how to export these changes into a complete custom theme.

  • Learn what Full Site Editing and block themes are
  • Learn how to use the Site Editor and Global Styles to modify a block theme
  • Learn how to export all changes into a complete custom theme
  • Learn about the current limitations of this functionality and what the future might look like

What is Builder Basics?

In the “Builder Basics” series, we will attempt to demystify components of the building experience. From a deep dive into the Query block to an exploration of block alignment and spacing, you’ll learn to master the basics of modern WordPress design.

While some familiarity with the Editor is recommended, these sessions are designed for all skill levels and require virtually no coding.