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How You Can Build a Business Around WordPress in 2022

The Genesis community gives a lot of reasons to smile, but a particular favorite of mine is when people tell me that we helped them not just add revenue, but create a whole new business from scratch.

Thing is, creating a business around WordPress has never been easier!

You don’t have to be a designer or a programmer, though obviously that helps. Being a semi-experienced user of WordPress can be sufficient to get started, especially with the amazing easy to use plugins, tools and themes out there today.

Recommend Products You Love

One of the main ways people get started making money not just using WordPress but because of WordPress is being an affiliate of the products you like and trust.

This is especially beneficial for anyone who already has an audience, of course.

What if you don’t have an audience and are really starting from zero?

Build WordPress websites

You can start a website building business with only the basic experience and without an audience if you are willing to knock on doors and call in favors for leads.

  1. Build your own Website, use that as your case study.
  2. Talk to existing business owners in your area or network and find someone, anyone willing to give you a chance.
  3. Clone your website or build them a website from scratch, adding their logo, content, and colours.
  4. Even if you don’t get paid for the work at this stage, you can earn from affiliate commissions.
  5. Get testimonials and referrals, and put your prices up!

Once you have a baseline of income and start to build a reputation, things get easier.

Recurring Income

It doesn’t end at creating new sites for people.

Once a business has a website they might be interested in your monthly maintenance plans, social media management services, content creation, SEO, analytics reporting …

In fact, our friends over at Flywheel have created an amazing ebook that goes through this in detail:

Breaking out of the “project-to-project” mindset and building a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is the key to success for any freelancer or agency owner—Growth Suite makes that magic happen. In this guide, we’ll explain how Growth Suite combines client and site management, billing software, and managed WordPress hosting to provide you with an all-in-one solution for your growing business.

  • Tips for growing your agency or freelance business 
  • An introduction to Growth Suite’s powerful feature set
  • Ways you can use Growth Suite to zero-in on MRR
  • Real-world use cases of Growth Suite success

Bottom Line

With WordPress rapidly approaching half of the world wide web, and so many helpful tools available, there has never been a better time to earn some income in the space!