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The Beginner’s Guide to Shopify Analytics Marketing Reports

Are you confused by all the reports available in Shopify Analytics? There’s tons of data available in Shopify Analytics that

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How to Add JavaScript to WordPress Pages and Posts

JavaScript is a programming language that can add interactive features to your website. Learning how to use it on your

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What is a WordPress Monetization Plugin? (And How To Use One)

Monetized websites are all the rage these days. Well, in reality, passive income is all the rage. Monetized sites just

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8 Best Live Search WordPress Plugins for Instant Gratification

Looking for the best live search WordPress plugin for your business? Live search plugins show instant search results as soon

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7 Best Nonprofit Email Marketing Software (Compared)

Are you looking for the best email marketing software for your nonprofit website? Due to tight budget and little technical

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WordPress User Roles: The Ultimate Guide

As your website grows, the idea of sharing a single administrator account becomes harder to sustain. Large sites usually have

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How to Use All In One SEO’s Link Assistant Tool

Are you a loyal All In One SEO (AIOSEO) user? This WordPress plugin has a lot of potential when it

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How to Start a Podcast Website With MemberPress (In 3 Steps)

Starting a podcast is relatively simple. There are plenty of recording devices you can use, and lots of platforms where

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How to Make Money With Email Newsletters: 13 Expert (& Profitable) Tips

Are you wondering how to make money with email marketing? Many businesses start an email newsletter because they’ve been told

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