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Waiting Room Event Scheduling protects your site during online events

You've got big plans for your ecommerce strategy in the form of online events — seasonal sales, open registration periods,

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Introducing Location-Aware DDoS Protection

We’re thrilled to introduce Cloudflare’s Location-Aware DDoS Protection.Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are cyber attacks that aim to make

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NIST’s pleasant post-quantum surprise

On Tuesday, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced which post-quantum cryptography they will standardize. We were

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Cloudflare’s view of the Rogers Communications outage in Canada

(Check for the latest updates at the end of this blog: Internet traffic started to come back at around July

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Automatic Signed Exchanges may dramatically boost your site visitor numbers

It’s been about nine months since Cloudflare announced support for Signed Exchanges (SXG), a web platform specification to deterministically verify

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Announcing support for WASI on Cloudflare Workers

Today, we are announcing experimental support for WASI (the WebAssembly System Interface) on Cloudflare Workers and support within wrangler2 to

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New WAF intelligence feeds

Cloudflare is expanding our WAF’s threat intelligence capabilities by adding four new managed IP lists that can be used as

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DDoS attack trends for 2022 Q2

Welcome to our 2022 Q2 DDoS report. This report includes insights and trends about the DDoS threat landscape — as

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Ola Brazil! We’ve expanded Bunny Storage to Sao Paulo!

At, we're on a mission to make true planet-wide performance as simple as possible to truly make the internet

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