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When the window is not fully open, your TCP stack is doing more than you think

Over the years I've been lurking around the Linux kernel and have investigated the TCP code many times. But when

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Cloudflare deployment in Guam

Having fast Internet properties means being as few milliseconds as possible away from our customers and their users, no matter

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Using Apache Kafka to process 1 trillion inter-service messages

Cloudflare has been using Kafka in production since 2014. We have come a long way since then, and currently run

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A story about AF_XDP, network namespaces and a cookie

A crash in a development version of flowtrackd (the daemon that powers our Advanced TCP Protection) highlighted the fact that

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Introducing Bunny Storage Edge Tier: Enter The Next-Generation Of Performance!

At, we are on a mission to make the internet hop faster. As part of that, we aim to

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Working in public — our docs-as-code approach

Docs-as-code is an approach to writing and publishing documentation with the same tools and processes developers use to create code.

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How the James Webb Telescope’s cosmic pictures impacted the Internet

The James Webb Telescope reveals emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars in the Carina Nebula that were previously obscured. Credits:

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Mantis – the most powerful botnet to date

In June 2022, we reported on the largest HTTPS DDoS attack that we’ve ever mitigated — a 26 million request

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35,000 new trees in Nova Scotia

Cloudflare is proud to announce the first 35,000 trees from our commitment to help clean up bad bots (and the

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