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Build Scalable Recurring Revenue with Growth Suite

Would you like to quickly add scalable, recurring income to your business?

Recurring revenue is one of the smartest ways any agency or freelance business can grow.  

That said, creating recurring revenue requires organization and a clear picture of all your client work – individually and collectively.

Invest in your business and take your time back

We firmly believe that you need to be smart about how you invest money to make money, to release your hours, and allow your business to scale. That is why our friends at Flywheel created Growth Suite

Every client is now worth an additional $588 per year, $2,940 per 5 years, and potentially $5,880 per 10 years. It blows my mind that Growth Suite has become such a valuable asset to my business. The team is awesome, has helped me at every stage of growth, and is always improving the product!

Darren Peel, Founder of Extraordinary Brands

Introducing Growth Suite

Growth Suite was created specifically for agency owners and freelancers, an all-in-one solution that combines: 

  • Client and site management
  • Billing software
  • Managed WordPress hosting

Plus, stay on top of it all with dashboard tools.

✅ All Growth Suite customers get all of our StudioPress themes and the Genesis Framework for free on unlimited sites!

What if you don’t host your customers with Flywheel?

You don’t have to host with Flywheel or WP Engine to take advantage of Growth Suite.

Just bill for the cost of their hosting, just like any other service you provide. Obviously there are much richer features when you host your client with Flywheel, but that is not a requirement to get lots of benefit from the tools.


Yes, you can piece together a solution, and you probably have, but Growth Suite is the only product on the market that has everything you need.

“A lot of agencies cobble together these different tools from individual vendors and solutions, and having them all under one roof is just such a game-changer — Growth Suite is easily the most important piece of technology in my business.”  

Handyman Marketing Pros Founder, Jason Call

Growth Suite helped Handyman Marketing Pros grow MRR by 60% 

Growth Suite has already helped hundreds of agencies and freelancers grow their businesses with increased MRR,

From billing to refining your offerings to personalizing service and support for each and every one of your clients, Growth Suite has the tools you need, all under one roof. 

Grow recurring revenue with Growth Suite

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Data insights lead to recurring revenue

Growth Suite provides intuitive insights into revenue, such as Average Revenue Per Client (ARPC) and MRR. You can also quickly see which clients have recently paid you, which invoices are past due, and which ones are upcoming. 

Simple client billing and invoicing

Charge clients for one-time and recurring services (with or without a site attached). You can apply discounts, add invoice notes, and bill your clients in multiple currencies—all under your own band!

Schedule invoices and cut down on delayed or lapsed payments 


Growth Suite lets you organize your dashboard around your clients (not sites), easily see the total MRR each client is paying you, and share notes with anyone in your organization for more streamlined client communication. 

Growth Suite also automates agency-branded emails for you regarding payments, and because every client is unique, Growth Suite gives you the ability to create individual client profiles that connect to applicable services and billing, as well as custom, branded portals where clients can securely submit payments via Stripe, edit contact information, and contact you.

Scale your services

I’ve created a near passive revenue stream that gives me peace of mind knowing I can quit my job tomorrow and still be able to maintain my current lifestyle. So freaking fulfilling and it’s just the start!

Darren Peel, Founder of Extraordinary Brands

Provide services at scale, and set expectations from the beginning of a client relationship as to what will or won’t be included in your scope of work.

Not only will this save you time and confusion down the line, it also makes billing and invoicing more effective while providing welcome transparency to both you and your clients. 

Showcase your value 

As noted above, automated client reports are a new Growth Suite feature that help you tie a bow around all of the amazing work you do while maintaining an ongoing, trusted relationship with each one of your clients. 

Using Growth Suite’s automated, agency-branded client reports, you can 

  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with your client
  • Increase subscription prices, therefore increasing margins
  • Educate your clients on the ongoing work your agency does 
  • Improve transparency and build trust between you and your clients
  • Save hours (if not days!) as Growth Suite puts an end to manually creating and sending client reports    

Get started with Growth Suite today! 

Spend less time managing clients

Managing a growing number of WordPress clients can be challenging, and as you grow, important information about site traffic, storage, plugin information, etc. can all be hard to keep up with. How do you know when plugins are out of date? How do you know when a site’s usage has skyrocketed?

With our newest Growth Suite feature, bulk site management, you get everything you need to confidently stay informed about all of your sites in one place, making it easier to stay on top of the many moving parts your business requires while spending less time worrying about it. 

A one-stop suite of growth tools

Growth Suite is a power tool for agencies and freelancers who are hungry for growth. Its unique combination of powerful, flexible client and site management tools, robust billing and invoicing software, and industry-leading hosting performance represents a triple threat, especially if your competitors are still cobbling their solutions together from disparate platforms and products.  

With an all-in-one approach to growing your agency or freelance business, Growth Suite gives you the tools you need, under one roof, allowing you to embrace new clients with confidence and build a sustainable growth model that takes your business to the next level. 

Grow your agency or freelance business faster with Growth Suite

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