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Google Maps adds new store location feature, Locator Plus, Reserve with Google integration, new analytics and more

The Google Maps Platform has added a bunch of new features for businesses to add deeper integration with its Google

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Ten Hottest eCommerce Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Running an eCommerce store? Keep up with the latest eCommerce trends to stay ahead of the competition and continue to

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8 Best Gamification Plugins for WordPress

The term “gamification” refers to the technique of adding gameplay elements to something that’s not actually a game. Gamification is

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How to Fix the “405 Method Not Allowed” Error in WordPress (11 Easiest Methods)

Fixing the 405 Method Not Allowed error can be frustrating, as you need to perform multiple troubleshooting processes to resolve

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Using Jetpack Protect For Free Site Scans

A while back, I decided to finally uninstall Jetpack from my WordPress installations because I no longer wanted to have

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Securing Port 443: The Gateway To A New Universe

At Wordfence our business is to secure over 4 million WordPress websites and keep them secure. My background is in

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The 10 best dentist WordPress themes for 2022 (free and premium)

If you’re looking to take your dental clinic online, this article can help. We list what we think are the

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What are Identical Keywords and why they matter for Google Ads

While Google’s newest campaign type, Performance Max (PMax), is devoid of keyword data,  some new information may help advertisers better

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How to empower your SEO and digital marketing strategy with data

After your technical, content and outreach strategies are in place, you should be well on your way to digital marketing

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5 ways to get PPC and SEO working together

Causes of friction between SEO and PPC often occur because we tend to use different sources of truth for each

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Processes, visibility and optimization: The keys to digital marketing transformation

As digital marketers face a rapidly growing market and higher competition, the structure and effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns become

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SimilarWeb & Rank Ranger talk acquisition, SEO challenges, opportunities

Web analytics company SimilarWeb acquired rank tracking and monitoring tool Rank Ranger last month. Terms of the deal, announced on

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