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3 Ways Your MemberPress Site Can Use Social Media Groups to Make More Money

If you haven’t considered leveraging social media for your membership business, you’re likely missing out on a sizable market. With over 3.7 billion daily users, social media is one of the best ways to market your MemberPress site to your target audience.

Yet social media can be difficult to navigate, and it’s hard to know where to start. 

Fortunately, there are many ways you can use social media to your advantage in order to grow your business. Learning about your audience, promoting content, and reaching out to individuals in social media groups are all ways you can make more money. 

In this post, we’ll explore how your membership site can benefit from leveraging social media groups. We’ll introduce a number of tips for doing so and add in some advice for getting started. Let’s dive right in!

Why Social Media Groups Can Benefit Your MemberPress Site

A social media group is just what it sounds like – a group of people hosted on a social media platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn. These groups are usually focused around common interests, backgrounds, or qualifications.

One example would be a gardening group specifically dedicated to growing vegetables at home:

Screenshot of Wild Abundance facebook group page

One of the main benefits of using social media groups is that your target audience is already filtered – there’s no need to go searching across the internet for prospects.

The right group can give you access to a big slice of your audience, and you can find options in your niche simply by searching for them.

You can also create your own group for your business or niche, and grow it over time organically. This takes more work, but it’s is a great option if your niche is very specific or you want more control over the way your audience interacts.

3 Ways Your MemberPress Site Can Use Social Media Groups to Make More Money

Using social media groups to your advantage is in your site’s best interests. Over 72% of US adults (ages 18 and over) are active social media users, which means you are very likely to find your audience on any given platform.

There are many different methods of using social media to gain capital and market your business. Let’s take a look at three excellent ways to leverage social media groups that will help you maximize profit for your MemberPress site

1. Gain Insight into Your Audience

Social media groups can help you learn more about your niche market. For example, if you have a membership business related to education, you can join a teachers group to see what members are posting:

Screenshot of Teaching English in Asia LinkedIn group

These kinds of groups are the perfect place to start when you want to learn more about your target market. In particular, they provide a great place to research your prospects’ pain points.

This knowledge can launch a domino effect: the more you know about your audience, the better you can tailor your membership site to their needs.

Make sure to read through the content that’s already there, and engage directly by asking questions and interacting with other members. This isn’t the time for marketing and promotion.

Instead, try to understand your target audience – who they are, what they’re interested in, what they’re looking for, and what questions they have.

2. Direct Message Individual Members

Once you’ve learned everything you can from a social media group, it’s time to be a little more proactive. At this point, you can consider reaching out directly to potential leads.

For example, you can direct message members of the groups you are a part of to see if they would be interested in joining your membership site. This is an organic way to grow your subscriber base.

To do this effectively, introduce yourself and describe what kind of service you offer. Then let the person know you’d love to talk further if they’re interested:

Screenshot of direct message on LinkedIn marketing language business

Forbes also suggests asking a positive question such as, “What’s exciting for you right now?” This kind of direct messaging opens the door for constructive communication. It is a way to connect with potential clients without seeming too pushy.

If you do this, it’s important to adhere to the guidelines of the platform you’re using. For example, LinkedIn has professional community policies that prohibit certain behavior, such as soliciting members’ email addresses or other personal information. Repetitive messaging is also a big no on LinkedIn.

Most other platforms also have guidelines you’ll need to adhere to. So make sure you understand how to message prospects without overstepping any boundaries.

3. Promote Your Content Authentically

Users spend an average of 144 minutes a day on social platforms, which makes it a perfect way to make your content more visible. If you’re promoting content solely on your website, you’re only reaching the audience you already have.

By leveraging social media groups, you can start to connect with untapped areas of your niche.

Again, it’s important to engage authentically, and not spam promotional content excessively or when it’s not relevant. You can find smaller or local groups to post about your MemberPress site, making sure that you read the group’s guidelines to ensure you’re allowed to promote yourself.

If you’re having trouble finding the right place to share your content, you can try creating your own social media group:

Screenshot of The Holistic Phychologist Facebook page

Creating your own group allows you to market your business by posting articles, videos, and images without having to worry if you’re following the rules.

You can grow your audience organically by inviting people to like your page, by posting regularly, and by engaging with your audience. Just don’t forget to direct them back to your membership site.


Social media is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. As we’ve seen, leveraging social media groups is an excellent strategy for promoting and growing your membership business.

 To maximize the benefits of social media groups for your business, you can:

  1. Gain insight into your target audience by joining social media groups within your niche.
  2. Reach out to potential customers you find via direct messaging. 
  3. Maximize content promotion by creating groups for your membership business and posting regularly.

Do you have any questions about how to leverage social media groups for your MemberPress site? Let us know in the comments section below!

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